UNIQUE SERVICES provide AMC services for stability Equipments and Instruments AMC.

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We assure you of the best of our services during the maintenance period ensuring proper care of all Equipment.

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UNIQUE SERVICES provide calibration services for stability Equipments and Instruments CALIBRATION.

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UNIQUE SERVICES provide validation services for stability Equipments and Instruments VALIDATION.

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Our Latest Work

Preventive Maintenance

Unique Services will inspect, evaluate, and perform routine maintenance on your equipment Service contract, maintenance as well as testing and performance Qualification....

Equipment repair

On site or in-house service and repair most stability and laboratory instruments. Renew your old chamber like new with new controller and control panel with paintings....

Comprehensive Service

In this AMC contract we are providing you with comprehensive guarantee of the Equipment. According to this contract you will be free from responsibilities ....

Service Support

Unique Services provides all labor and support necessary to keep your equipment performing to factory specifications Annual service providing uninterrupted operation of your laboratory....

Qualification Services

Installation Qualification (IQ)

"The Installation Qualification Protocol verifies the proper installation and configuration of a System. This can include ensuring that necessary files have been loaded, equipment has been installed, the necessary procedures have been approved, or the appropriate personnel have been trained. The requirements to properly install the system were defined in the Design Specification. Installation Qualification must be performed before completing the Operational Qualification or Performance Qualification."

Operation Qualification (OQ)

"The Operational Qualification Protocol is a collection of test cases used to verify the proper functioning of a system. The operational qualification test requirements are defined in the Functional Requirements Specification. Operational Qualification is usually performed before the system is released for use. Depending on your needs and the complexity of the system, Operation Qualification can be combined with Installation Qualification or Performance Qualification."

Performance Qualification(PQ)

"Performance qualification (PQ) of laboratory equipment is an important component of the validation of the entire production process over a certain period of time and for a specific product. Its purpose is to verify and document that the appliances and systems are working reproducibly within the entire specified working range and limits. The appliances and systems are not inspected individually but always as part of the overall or partial process. Even though PQ usually comprises OQ tests under process conditions .."